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On Friday, October 30 at 10 a.m. at MT Anderson Support Center, Greenville County Schools will announce a plan to help eliminate so-called “digital deserts” that adversely impact hundreds of students and their families. Project Connect will provide free internet to households that otherwise can’t afford it through the purchase and construction of 42 solar-powered Wi-Fi units to be placed across the county.

“Deployment of this technology will assist large segments of Greenville County’s population not only during this unprecedented pandemic, but also beyond when the crisis has passed,” said Bill Brown, executive director of GCS Education Technology Services (ETS).

The components to build these solar-powered units were purchased with $248,000 in CARES Act funding generously provided by Greenville County and with the help and support of five corporate partners, including Cradlepoint, Encore Technology Group, Network Controls, Sun Surveillance and Synnex Corporation. The units are self-contained and require no wiring to anything. Once positioned, they will provide much-needed internet access for students, as well as residents and businesses within that community.